Saturday, 3 March 2012

Photos; Pancake party, Michael and cookies!

Wow, this last couple of weeks have been crazy. I've just finished a 12 day stretch of work, in which I've done about 100!

Michael is also moving to London today for his exciting secondment. While I couldn't be more pleased and proud of him, I'm also going to miss him dreadfully. So we're currently packing (I say we, read he) and watching top gear (again, mostly him, although it is the one with Matt Smith) before we leave for Amersham this afternoon.

So there will be many more blog posts when he's not here, but for now here are the photos I've taken over the last couple of weeks!

So first things first; we had a pancake party on Shrove Tuesday - we made the pancakes and guests brought toppings!

Wholewheat pancakes/crepes/European style at the bottom
Fluffy vanilla American style at the top
Toppings; the obligatory lemon and sugar, plus maple syrup,
golden syrup, Nutella and Michael's favourite - black cherry jam!
Not very clear, but Michael's pancake injury! I dropped the hot frying
pan on the floor, and in his haste to get out of the way, Michael smacked
shoulder blade first into an open cupboard door...ouch!

Cookies... my attempt to search for a better recipe
These were good but not perfect!
Dancing in the moonlight :)


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  1. That shoulder blade injury looks very painful! The cookie dough does not look appetising (though I'm sure it was!) but the cookies look delicious.

    Does Michael know you've put pictures of him dancing in the moonlight on the internet for all to see....

    Are we on for Monday?