Sunday, 11 March 2012

Busy Saturday!

Michael was home for the Bristol university Discover event, where he ran an exhibit teaching game theory to children - it went really well if this testimony is anything to go by!

As for me, well what a day!! I would have gone with Michael but I didn't know he was coming back for it until I'd already made plans. I managed to leave my phone at home, so only one photo :( but this was my gorgeous day:

12.00 Lunch with the gorgeous Hannah on her way back from Haverfordwest (at Boston Tea Party - obvs). We were able to sit outside in the sunshine which was HEAVENLY. 

14.00 View a cyclist go straight through the rear windscreen of a car at a zebra crossing, attempt to assist with first aid and give details to policemen.

15.00 Driving loop of Bristol to show Hannah - Clifton, Park Street, St Augustine's Parade, Gloucester Road, Henleaze, home.

16.00 Collect forgotten phone and get bus back into town.... (hmpf)

17.30 Meet Jules for coffee, seeing her for the first time in, I think, two years(?!), guessed it, Boston Tea Party - but this time in Clifton (variety is the spice of life). Lovely to catch up with her :) very exciting that she is FINALLY moving in with her boyfriend of more than 6 years! Then I hitched a lift around Bristol with Jules' family, directing them down to Temple Meads to collect her brother and then they dropped me off outside my next destination!

19.30 Dinner with Michael, Nick, Ramona, Matt and Robyn at Cafe Rouge. Food was ok, but not great. We had a bad experience there a few months ago with breakfast and I'm not sure this has persuaded me to go back more often!

21.30 Drinks with the delightful Emily for her pre-birthday at Illusions on the triangle. Michael by this point, was absolutely hanging from his first week of work in London followed by a 10 hour public engagement day so we only stayed for one, but it was great to see Emily and take this rather fetching photo!

It was so lovely to catch up with some old friends, including ones that I haven't seen for ages, and celebrate with some local ones :)

All in all, a truly fab weekend after a rather shitty week. Thanks world :)

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