Monday, 12 March 2012

Week 2 of long distance 2012.

Michael was home for the weekend, and we spent a lovely day together yesterday - we ate too much and I began my quarter-life crisis - but we were together, and there was sunshine and cuddles. It was even warm enough to have our first meal in our garden!

However this morning I had to drop him at the station at 4.50am to get his train back to London for work (super-off-peak tickets expire at 5.00) - not fun, and resulted in me coming home to an empty bed and not being able to sleep until 20 minutes before my 7.45 alarm went off. I was on the bus at 8.24 though - that is pretty good going!

As I said in the blurb Michael and I met at school, but having been together for less than three months Michael went away to Reading for university. He's a year older than me so I stayed in Bristol to finish my A levels, and then went off to Sussex to do my degree. So the first four years of our relationship were conducted across many train lines and many weekends. We saw each other every two to three weeks, and the only time we went more than four was when I was in Ghana for five. Again, apart from a few days between calls in Ghana due to the expense, and maybe the really occasional day when one of us has been abroad elsewhere, if we've not been together we have spoken every day on the phone/skype/face-time for the last...*quick google - yes there's an app for this*... 2436 days, or 6 years, 8 months and 1 day (In fact it's even more than that because we were talking on the phone every day before we got together!).

Obviously this is not going to change because Michael is on a three-month secondment but I have really got used to actually seeing him practically every day for the last 555 days, or 1 year, 6 months and 8 days (This date calculation thing is a bit addictive...). I don't really know how to go to bed on my own anymore, I stay up until 2am when I got up at 4.30...what's that about?? My sister and her boyfriend are thousands of miles apart while she lives in the states, and I know that the time difference means they can't speak every day so I am really lucky. Not to mention those bereaved or in the forces and away for huge periods of time - I really do understand that I'm lucky. 

But I miss him.

And it SUCKS. 


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  1. Thanks for the reference - I was going to get annoyed before that!

    I know it's hard but it will be good for both of you!