Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Flex by Filofax

So, a bit late in posting this but my geeky new toy arrived! Little explanation is needed here so I'll mostly just upload the pictures. It is important to mention however, that I have now had this for exactly a week and have no idea how I'd manage without it! For a first time filofax user it is absolutely fab, although I can see how if you were used to working with a ringbinder version that this would be a bit different. 

How it arrived (with two diaries!)
Sorry about the angle, I forgot to rotate...

The front

Open as it arrived, notebook on the left, jotter on the right
Open with an open notebook

Open with the diaries inserted into the outer edges
Unfortunately blurry but open with open diaries
(notebook and jotter still present underneath)

Open with all my rubbish in it!
(Timesheets, oystercard, railcard, pencil, out of hours numbers!)

As above but with diaries both closed
Closed with all my gumpf...

Top edge

Side edge

A few things to note;

1. Now that I've carried it around for a while it has softened and closes smaller
2. It arrived super-quick (always good) AND fit through the letter box
3. I love it (really)
4. Michael likes it so much he has now ordered one in black (although he is very rarely known to EVER write anything down on anything other than a white board...I haven't the heart to tell him that this isn't compatible with his iPad.....)!


  1. Very nice! This is the first post I have seen that has made me interested in the Flex. I hadn't understood the possibilities until now! Oh no! Now a new obsession! Thanks so much for sharing your layout. It has made me understand why this would be a good system!

    1. I'm so glad you've found it useful! I could wax lyrical about it all day so if there's anything else you want to know just drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer it!

      Thanks for stopping by :) x