Monday, 5 March 2012


So the reason that I have had to work so much the last couple of weeks is because we had weekend training for potential foster carers. On the Saturday I got to take the birth children to Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetlands Trust. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the kids were all well behaved so I had a lovely day! Here are a few pics...

The centre

The predator of the 'duckoy'  - it turns out
that ducks follow a threat, so this young'un leads
them into the net so they can be caught

A small part of the net tube
The duck hut...

The duck caught in the 'duckoy' being ringed

Ringing in progress

The map of where birds ringed at Slimbridge end up in the world

They were gorgeous, particularly in the sun


  1. Wow! Slimbridge has changed a lot since I was last there - and it wasn't that long ago!

    1. I know right? We'll have to take Pops when he next comes to visit :)

  2. And I'm in the country....