Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 1 of long distance 2012

Firstly daffodils growing in our garden - a surprise as we obviously didn't plant them! There appear to be crocuses and tulips trying to pop up too! :)

They look a little droopy here, but we've had some rain and now they are perky and perdy :)

Saturday 3rd March
Sunny road trip to Amersham in our new car to drop Michael off, complete with a Boston Tea Party picnic - YUM. It's only fitting to send Michael off with a package from one of our favourite haunts.

Sunday 4th March
Horrid drive home in the SNOW! Yes snow, and hail, I was inappropriately dressed and everything. I sought refuge with lunch in Camilla's beautiful new home with her boyfriend Adam - it is absolutely gorgeous :)

Monday 5th March
Ellie came over for dinner (roast chicken and sweet potatoes) and I made iced buns for the work charity cake sale.

In the oven
Cooked buns

They turned out really well, the recipe is easy but it takes a while because they have to prove TWICE. Starting them at 10.30 was an error - I finished icing them at 2am.

Finished and decorated with lemon icing!

Boxed for transportation
The cake sale made over £100 for the charity though, so that was great - and all of my buns sold! 

Tuesday 6th March
I found out that it's very unlikely that I got my PhD funding. Pretty rubbish day. I went for drinks and dinner with my lovely friend Bekki though - I forgot to take any photos (typical) but I blame that on my rather low mood.

We went to Goldbrick House on Park Street as Bekki had a voucher - it's pretty pricey but with 25% off the total bill we did really well! I had lamb wellington, which was delicious, and Bekki had mussels - also good, and we split a bottle of wine. We also had a bottle of wine in the pub beforehand to commiserate a) my failure, and b) commemorate Bekki getting through a particularly crappy week at work, and the whole lot (in both establishments) cost less than £30 each :)

The journey home was a complete nightmare - I missed multiple buses due to mis-signing and it was cold and late. I was also rather upset due to my rubbish day so spent quite a while in tears on the phone to Michael. It was destined to be this week, the first week he's not here, when I find out bad news.

Wednesday 7th March
Confirmation of no PhD funding.

I went to the cinema with Mummy and saw 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', great cast, beautiful scenery and a sweet story. Very enjoyable.

Thursday 8th March and Friday 9th March
Just ordinary days followed by work at the pub - I feel like I haven't seen the girls for a while so that was nice. I weighed in on Friday morning and managed to only gain .4lb, which I'm pretty happy with given my recent wine/restaurant consumption! No wonder my bank balance is looking a bit sickly.....

Michael came home on Friday too and came to meet me at the pub :)

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