Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New purchases!

As a pick-me-up for my lonely valentines' day, I popped into Boots on the way home and bought a couple of beauty items that I have wanted for a while. 

I've been on the look-out for a new pink nail varnish - not a baby/pastel pink (too spring) and not anything glittery (too barbie) and not jewel-toned (too winter). I've also been lusting after a bright pink lipstick - I never used to be a lipstick fan but I'm getting much more into it these days. Again, reds are too much for this time of year, and baby pinks are too pale on my winter skin. I love corals but again these are difficult to wear without a tan. So I picked up both these lovelies from L'Oreal on their 'buy one get one half price'. 

The lipstick is L'Oreal Caresse #202 - 'impulsive fuchsia'. 

I absolutely love it - it is somewhere between a gloss, a balm, a lipstick and a stain! It is really easy to wear, even for somebody who is new to (and a bit phobic of) lipsticks. It doesn't bleed so I haven't needed a liner (I don't currently own one), and it wears off evenly to a well-pigmented stain. 

Right, I'm new to taking beauty pictures so these are a bit ropey, but here goes;

This is the swatch without flash

With the flash
An indication of the texture - it's quite sheer.
It doesn't dry completely but doesn't transfer easily.
I found it incredibly difficult to take a picture on my lips!
I was in my onesie without any other make up on so
a full-face shot wasn't an option! I will take a better
one when I next wear it out.
So next, the nail varnish. This is a pretty similar colour to the lipstick, this one is called #504 'insolent magenta'. I've got photos with and without the flash - I must say I hadn't realised before how difficult it is for all the lovely bloggers I read to get nice photos! It is a pain in the arse to be totally honest! These are my attempts....

I really love this polish too - the brush is a great size and shape. I love the mini bottle - I never use a whole bottle of nail varnish before they dry up and always have to throw them away.

The other items I bought were the 'Save the nail' base coat - my nails always suffer in the winter without sunlight and I'm struggling to grow them evenly. As such I've cut them all off as you can see! The manufacturers recommend using this every day for seven days; as I've painted them I won't be doing it as often but hopefully it will still impart some benefit! 

There's really no beating Vaseline for a lip balm (particularly in winter!) and this cocoa butter version smells divine :)

After inspiration from Duckling to Swan and her lovely blog, particularly this post the final item I purchased was the Max Factor mini polish in 'Diva Violet'. I have put it on but forgot to take photos - it is lovely and I will post next time I wear it!

I love new beauty purchases, they do cheer up a dreary February week :)

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