Sunday, 5 February 2012

Is it St David's day?!

Today my mood has been completely restored! Woohoo!

I have had an uber productive Sunday - Michael had lots of work to do but I managed to clean the bathroom, tidy the kitchen and most importantly, finally finish and submit my PhD proposal!! Hurrah! I don't know when I'll hear anything, the closing date is tomorrow and I know (if I get that far!) that there'll be at least a presentation and an interview before any decision is made. So keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me!

To celebrate, the lovely Laura - fellow barmaid - gave me a recipe for welshcakes! I'm not sure if it's a secret recipe as it did come from her grandmother, but I'll keep it to myself just in case... This one from BBC Food is quite similar, although if it makes 4-6 I'm a monkey's uncle! Laura's made 16! They are delicious and so easy to make, I would completely recommend them even for total baking beginners. They're not so diet friendly but a little of what you fancy is good for the soul :)

And all my daffodils have come out too so it looks like St David's day in our living room! All in all I've have a lovely day :) It does help that I have tomorrow morning off now in my new routine - no work 'til I have to get the train at about 1.30!

Here's to a blissful Monday for everyone :) Keep safe anybody who's got lots of snow.

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