Monday, 13 February 2012

My weekend continued....fudge, truffles and Istanbul!

Michael is at a conference this week in Istanbul (not Constantinople) and had to leave on Saturday to stay with his Dad, and flew out Sunday morning from Heathrow. He's gone until Thursday, maybe it's a little test for the 3 month secondment! I must say that one of the (many) bonuses of iPhones is that whenever we both have WiFi we can use Facetime! It's lovely because it means we can see each other and chat before bed like we normally would if we were together :)

A sneaky screen-capture unaware shot!
Michael seems to be in the *teeniest* hotel room I have ever seen - the bed is against the wall, and the only floor space is the width of the door on the other side of the bed! I am now quite glad that I decided not to go with him - the expensive flights and time off from the new job were enough not to go but now the room is barely big enough for Michael maybe it's a blessing! 

This is my Michael replacement
for the next few nights!
My beautiful friend Camilla and her boyfriend Adam popped by from Oxford yesterday afternoon for tea, which was lovely! I haven't seen her for a while and they have put down a deposit on a little cottage to rent together, which I am so excited to see! 

In age-old Brighton tradition, I whipped up some fudge while they were here, from this recipe for white chocolate and cranberry fudge from mumsnet. It worked great, I just think it needs some vanilla extract to be perfect. I only did 1/4 of the recipe and it made plenty!
FUDGE! (Yummy)
My lovely friend Ellie came over later and we attempted an adaptation of the recipe to make dark chocolate and ginger fudge. Unfortunately I think the chocolate got too hot so it didn't go smooth like it should have. So we added some more icing sugar, some butter and made truffles!

It was messy and they were a nightmare to roll
but we got there in the end!

The finished beauties!
We watched One Day with our naughty treats. It's very sweet and sad, and I did enjoy it (and cry!) but I think maybe it doesn't live up to the book - I didn't fall in love with the characters as much as I wanted to. Ellie has read the book and I think she agrees, but because she a) knew the story and b) has developed a relationship with the characters I don't think she noticed it as much.

All in all, a lovely week!