Monday, 2 April 2012

Mothers' Day and Sunshine

For mothers' day this year I wanted to treat my mummy, but as she was dieting making a cake/chocolates/dinner wasn't going to cut it. I saw this recipe for a Lemon Body Scrub on the Beauty Department after a link from one of my faithfully-read beauty blogs - unfortunately I can't remember which one! It's so easy I urge anyone to give it a try! The oil stops the sugar from dissolving when you add the lemon, so be sure to do it in that order!

I have the sweet lemon body scrub from the Body Shop which I really love, but this is much cheaper, and another benefit is (when made with sugar) that you can eat it! It's actually delicious but probably very calorific....!  It had separated a bit by the time I left on Mothers' day so maybe a little less lemon next time, but I'm sure with a quick shake it will be fine. I obviously haven't tried this one but I'll be getting a maternal report soon! In theory the sugar dissolves in the water as you massage it into the skin so there are no bits to clog up the drain, and the oil is left behind to provide huge post-shower moisture! There are many variations of this out on the internet and I will definitely be trying it again before I repurchase the Body Shop one!

A few other bits and bobs from the sunshine:

The gorgeous tulips that are growing in my garden
Sunshine on the downs

My current craving - Fish Finger sandwiches!! A-ma-zing.

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