Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why hello there!

Oh dear, I've been a bit behind with blogging - life has just become rather hectic! So, a life catch up...
A couple of weeks ago my rather wonderful friend Ellie came round on a Friday night for, what I thought was, a couple of drinks down the pub. However she was clearly up for a 'proper' night out, so off we went! We started in the Oak in Clifton, then Amoeba, then Park bar on the triangle. Here are a few pics;

Laura and Ellie
Everybody say 'awww' -
Laura and boyfriend Andrew
The girls! Laura, Ellie and I
Amoeba - Me, Lee and Ellie
I like this one :)
The end of the night in my bed!
Ellie was asleep in 15 seconds flat.
At this point I was eating a yoyo burger...
with extra garlic mayo. Classy.

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