Sunday, 29 January 2012

This week....

I did so well with two posts in one day but it wasn't to last! The rest of this week has been a bit of a blur. As my last full-time week as a family support worker I've had quite a lot to think about and organise, not least trying to sort out a new car to replace the company one I'm entitled to now - an expense I don't really need! It's January so the bank balance is looking rather shocking, thank goodness for working in a pub as well! I had a fun shift with the lovely Laura on Friday night and then yesterday worked the afternoon - quite quiet so even did a bit of my PhD application.  

Yesterday morning Michael and I were supposed to go to the gym but managed to oversleep completely and miss my 9.35 step class! Oops.

So instead, as it was a gorgeous day - crisp, cold and bright - we went for a yummy cappuccino from Coffee #1 in Westbury and then wandered round the village and the park before my shift:

Saturday cappuccino - diet-friendly weekend treat!

Chilly and beautiful Westbury park :)

Lovely walk, although we felt a little out of place being
neither a) elderly nor b) scooping around four children!

Michael, one of my fave pictures of him :)

Not my best photo....!

Westbury-on-Trym, looking lush!

That was a lovely way to spend a cold Saturday morning!

After my pub shift we couldn't decide what to do with our evening (I finished at 7.30), particularly because in true January detox style neither of us is drinking, and I particularly am on a strict diet! Michael has also given up red meat for January so going out for drinks and/or dinner (with the aforementioned bank balance!) was not massively appealing. We did the cinema on Tuesday for The Iron Lady so didn't particularly fancy that - I want to see the artist but need to rope a girl in with me as Michael isn't keen! So we looked at the Watershed in Bristol as Laura remembered their slapstick festival, but there wasn't anything we fancied there either! The tobacco factory theatre is a Bristol experience I'm yet to have but 'the ragged trousered philanthropists' seemed a bit much for my tired brain!

So we came home and found that the magic box that is Sky+ had recorded Audrey Hepburn films on series link, so we settled in for an evening of Funny Face with Fred Astaire and 1950s fashion, alongside our healthy tuna and sweet potato supper :)


  1. If you watched Audrey Hepburn movies, you might as well have gone to see the artist! I really want to see it but I don't think it's on in our little local cinema :-(

  2. We'll have to watch it together on DVD when you're home in the summer :) x