Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January 2012

I think it might be best to start with a few things that have already happened this year...

1. We spent new year in Wales with my lovely friend Hannah T and her boyfriend Scott, Hannah J and Edward, including this gorgeous new year's day woods/beach walk:

Scott stripping for a very chilly swim!
Beautiful dusk in the rain

No effects on this one, just a gorgeous pink Welsh sunset :)

2. I got a new job! Finally, after over a year of applying for everything I could find. I will be working part-time at the University as a researcher (great for the PhD application) and staying part-time in my existing post as a family support worker.

Cue beautiful flowers from my mummy, and these from the lovely Camilla.

3. Not technically this year, but we *finally* bought our first (not actually so) little house. After months of waiting and anxious breath-holding we finally moved in at the end of November. We loved the new flat we were in last year but it was just too small! Here we decorated three rooms within the first 72 hours, with a lot of help from both of our mums and friends. Pictures to follow when I have a bit more time!

So far, 2012 rocks :)

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